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Price Chart for TSCO
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Inter / Intraday Price Change Analysis

Intraday price change for TSCO is about $1.40 from the day's low to the day's high. The previous business day's price range from the open of $52.20 is expected to range from a low of $51.42 to a high of $52.83. Price moves beyond this range are outside the average. The previous business day's closing price may be between $52.43 and $51.97 assuming average price movements. Note that events including news, TSCO earnings, or broad market swings will unexpectedly affect price. Closing prices outside of this range indicate a move outside the average closing price movement.

Minimum Average Maximum
Gap -0.32 0.08 0.76
Open to Close -2.06 -0.23 2.33
Low to High 0.64 1.40 3.20
Open to Low -2.26 -0.78 -0.02
Open to High 0.05 0.63 2.78
Low to Close 0.03 0.54 2.75
High to Close -2.21 -0.86 -0.02

Current Signals

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Signal Date Open Price Close/Current Price Return Close Date
Short Dec-04 $88.04 $84.67 3.8% Jan-25
Short Sep-23 $83.13 $88.54 -6.5% Oct-06
Short Aug-21 $86.80 $86.60 0.2% Sep-11
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Best One Year Return
Long 1 0 0 0 0 181 days ago 3-4 days 4% $-0.40 (-1%)
This signal was generated on January 20th and closed on January 20th, for a holding time of 0.5 hours. Signals with this combination of indicators have an average holding time of 3-4 business days.

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