Software & Analysis,

NOTE: Our proprietary algorithms use tens of thousands of combinations of technical indicators to generate signals to buy or sell a stock. These signals are not considered to be investment tools and are intended for active stock traders. Our signals are not investment advice and are generated by automated systems. Combine our signals with your own research to determine whether to buy, hold or sell a stock or fund.

How are signals generated?

Our systems consider 75,000 combinations of historical price, volume and other technical indicators for each symbol in an effort to determine which combinations generate the greatest return, fewer trades and reduced volatility. Our algorithms sometimes include several of the best matches when determining a signal.

What about longs and shorts?

Our proprietary algorithms generate signals for both long and short trades independently. Long and short signals may be based on different combinations of technical indicators over different timeframes. It is possible that our algorithms will have determined to both hold a long and hedge with a short, for instance, for optimal gain.

Signal Strength,

Signal strength is based on the optimal technical indicators of the individual symbol as compared to the strength of all currently occurring signals for all equities. This enables our algorithms to adapt to changing market conditions.

What symbols are included?

Several thousand equities and funds are tracked by our proprietary internal systems. Based on whether our algorithms can determine optimal trades determines whether the symbol will be included in our final dataset. It is possible that a symbol will not be included because our systems cannot determine the tradability of it.

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